How to do Naver Blog SEO Marketing?

Naver Blog SEO

How is Google SEO different from Naver blog optimization? The unfortunate reality for foreign companies that have worked on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at Google is that Google does not play a significant role in the Korean market—working on Naver SEO as Google SEO does not work well. Therefore, even if you already know Google’s SEO techniques, they will not work on Naver.

How To Optimize Naver Search Keywords = How to Optimize Naver Blogs

To optimize search terms on Naver, you must first open a blog. Unfortunately, regular websites other than blogs like Google are complicated to optimize search terms on Naver. For this reason, Naver calls it ‘search word optimization= blog optimization.’

There are many rumors about this because there is no disclosed law. The most common rumors include:

  1. Since the algorithm was changed to DIA logic, no new optimization blogs have been released, so you have to buy and work on old blogs.

Naver manages blog accounts under real names, so trading between accounts is not officially allowed. In other words, since there is no way to transfer the name even if it is sold, the blog of the account’s owner that was first opened is linked to the name for life.

If you sell the account, it may be used for illegal purposes under your name, and you will not know. Therefore, it is better not to sell because they are often abused for crimes.

  1. It is optimized by writing based on popular keywords in real-time search.

Some people are firmly mistaken about keywords in real-time search. Surprisingly, some people think that optimization is only possible when they write with keywords that come up as real-time search keywords.

However, this is not true. Search word optimization should be able to optimize search terms with keywords. And when searching with these keywords, individual articles on your blog should be exposed at the top.

  1. You have to work hard every day to optimize your blog.

People who blogged every day and understood the logic of optimization had a more considerable advantage before the algorithm was changed to DIA logic.

Even if you blogged every day without knowing the optimization logic, you never appeared at the top. However, anyone who understood the logic and blogged every day saw results at the top.

However, this logic no longer applies. The DIA algorithm is an algorithm that finds highly relevant texts. The algorithm calculates how much the text is related to the keyword rather than the frequency of the activity.

It then reflects the relevance to expose it to the search results. For this reason, the content has become more important than the frequency of writing. It is often said, “We can’t disclose the laws exposed to one side on Naver, but you just have to write a sincere blog.” And this is true.

Those who write articles with high relevance on keywords and create their content without copying other people’s work are more likely to be exposed to the top naturally, even if they do not know the principle of optimization.

Is There A Shortcut?

When you contact SNS marketing companies such as Instagram and Facebook, they promise an increase in following. They use ghost accounts to increase the number of likes and followers forcibly.

However, SNS has evolved and begun blocking accounts that have grown to imaginary numbers. Simply, if an unusually high number of ghost accounts follow you, your account will be blocked.

Naver is similar. Some companies used various tricks in the past, such as forcing inflow by leasing, buying blogs, and forcing traffic by using computer programs. However, they began to close one by one. This is because as Naver’s algorithm evolved, it began to block these sites (excluding from search results).

So to answer the question, there is no shortcut. You cannot optimize a blog using tricks and shortcuts. You can only do it the right way, with an expert.

Is optimizing blog search terms (Naver SEO) the end of marketing?

Some business owners think that exposing keywords on the search engine is the end of marketing. However, getting exposure on Naver does not automatically increase sales.

Search exposure is called Impressions. Impressions literally mean exposure itself. You need to understand what the audience wants and what we should create via impression and click data.

In other words, content planning is essential. If you are confident in optimizing search terms, you should think about content planning and how to produce and operate planned content as intended.

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