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LINQ Korea is a full–service digital marketing company. We specialize in SEO marketing, content marketing, translation, and localization to help international companies enter the Korean market.
have completed over 80 marketing projects and have a deep understanding of Korean search engines (Naver, Daum, Google Korea) to provide Search Engine Marketing services.


Each brand needs a tailored marketing strategy in order to be successful in the Korean market. Consultants provide custom marketing plans to help brands succeed.


Unlike other marketing agencies, Linq Korea is responsible for your entire project with full-stack developers and UX marketers participating in all of your projects.


The most of Linq Korea's employees are bilingual in Korean and English, allowing for smooth communication with clients and provide a international-class service.

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Providing Services

SEO Marketing

Optimize the website in order to rank higher and gain more relevant traffic from Korean search engines (Naver and Google). Techniques include keyword research, metadata, alt text, onsite optimization, and backlink.

Korean SEO Marketing

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Contents Marketing

Having contents that are optimized for the search engine and the users is pivotal to increasing the organic traffic. We provide contents that are strategically structured by our proprietary AI algorithms and written by professional writers.

Contents Marketing

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Create a Korean/English friendly version of your website for your business to have a better reach to the customers. Our team of native English and Korean speakers will help you to have your website and marketing contents translated.

SEO Translation

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    • SEO Marketing

      • Google and Naver
      • Keyword research
      • Onpage SEO
      • Technical SEO
      • Localization
      • Monthly SEO report
    • translation

      • Search engine friendly
      • Keyword research
      • English to Korean
      • Contents translation
      • Localization (English to Korean)
      • PPC Copywriting
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